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40th Annual AFT PSRP Conference

The 40th Annual AFT PSRP Conference is April 28-30th, and will be taking place at the Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI.

Click here to see the AFT PSRP Conference Agenda

We did not have enough members express an interest in attending the 40th Annual PSRP Conference, therefore, the BTU will not be taking a bus. If you are still interested in attending the conference, you must:
-Reserve your space to attend with Peggy Gladden ( or 410.358.6600) no later than Friday, March 10th.
-Reservation must include a completed reservation form and one nights deposit (Check or money order ONLY payable to AFT PSRP 2017).

Hotel room rates are as follows (taxes are included):

One Night Two Nights Three Nights Four Nights
SINGLE $148.35 $296.70 $445.05 $593.40
DOUBLE (per person) $74.18 $148.35 $222.53 $296.70
TRIPLE (per person) $49.45 $98.90 $148.35 $197.80
QUAD (per person) $37.09 $74.18 $111.26 $148.35

Contact Peggy Gladden at 410.358.6600 or