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Trying to propose an AU-bearing activity?  Click and fill out the appropriate form below.

Just in case you missed us during the Systemic PD days please find a video recording of the session, presentation slides, and a Q&A document! All questions can be sent to

College Credits (The JGP does not process these, we are just sharing this as an FYI)

Teachers with a Standard Professional Certificate or an Advanced Professional Certificate must upload information about college courses, which will be reviewed to determine eligibility for AUs. Note that information must be uploaded within 90 days of the final day of the course. To upload information, follow these steps:

  • Log into Employee Self Service and click “Employee Career Pathway.”
  • Select “Initiate Review/Make Correction” and follow the prompts to “Initiate Review.”
  • Upload documentation of credits that have not yet been applied to the current pay grade (e.g., official transcripts).
  • Note the transaction tracking number
  • Requests and documentation are forwarded to the Career Pathway Service Center for review. All documentation is subject to official verification. Teachers will receive initial written notification from the Human Capital Office within 10 business days; manager approval takes an additional 5 days, after which the “Career Pathway Profile” and AU balance is updated on Employee Self Service.

Tuition Reimbursement (The JGP does not process these, we are just sharing this as an FYI)

There are 2 parts to the tuition reimbursement process.  The first step is to submit Phase 1 of your tuition reimbursement application by the deadline prior to starting the course.  After you complete the course and receive a B or higher, you complete phase 2 of your application where you submit your proof of payment and your transcript by the deadline.

National Board Certification

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