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Recent media coverage of our work in the community through the Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS):

WMAR – 2 – AROS Baltimore
Last night we had close to 100 of our fellows and family members attend our celebration BBQ.  These are parents, workers, unionists and community members who participated in one or multiple of the AROS fellowships and fellowships with our coalition partner Teachers Democracy Project.   
This Thursday we wrap up our first successful SPANISH LANGUAGE “Padres en Poder” advocacy fellowship.  28 parents completed the 6 week series.  We now have Spanish speaking and English speaking communities begging us to replicate the work in their schools and neighborhoods.  We are in the midst of Spanish language and English cohorts (morning and evening fellowships) for our resiliency work with coalition partners Teachers Democracy Project through their series “Parents: Building Resilience in a Violent World.”
Additionally, we have political education and advocacy opportunities at these events.  Many of the AROS families are interested in learning about our fight against a right wing ballot initiative that seeks to bankrupt our city by cutting property taxes in half.  The ballot measure is a right wing strategy that has been attempted in cities around the country.   
We know that our families and communities are key to the broader labor strategy of bargaining for the common good and fighting for educational justice and worker rights.  AROS Baltimore and the Baltimore Teachers Union are lifting this work and expanding our impact.  But, we need financial support to continue to do the work.
WMAR – 2 – AROS Baltimore

Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS) Legislative Support

Baltimore AROS has compiled links to request support with testifying in Annapolis (virtually or in-person!), how to submit your testimony, a Toolkit for their legislative, priorities and so much more! 

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Sept 26, 2022 – Congratulations to AROS for being awarded a $60,000 grant from AFT to continue their work in the community!

The Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) is working on a campaign to build the People’s Platform for Education and we would love for your school community’s young people, staff, and parents to make their voices heard as a part of this platform. Interested? Email member engagement Nathan Ferrell at to bring an AROS Mobile Voting Station to your community.

The Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim our Schools has listened to 1500 students, teachers, community and family members on their education priorities. We are using this platform to push the gubernatorial candidates to adopt these issues in their own platforms. If you’d like to know more about what people said and how we translated these priorities into policies that we want our future lawmakers to adopt, please check out our final report.

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Here is a 2-page description of the platform areas (a spanish version and younger student version are in the works as well).

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