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Baltimore Cash Campaign & BTU Partner to Provide Free Financial Classes


The Baltimore Cash Campaign is partnering with the Baltimore Teachers Union to sponsor a series of  financial literacy workshops!  This is a 6 part series to be held monthly and meet at the BTU office from 5pm—6pm.  Each workshop will be offered twice a month from January—June.  You do not have to attend each workshop—only the ones you are interested in attending.

Initial Workshop Schedule

Money Matters—January 18th and 31st

Workshop Overview—Participants will understand how to manage money by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income.

Pay Yourself First—February 21st and 27th

Workshop Overview— Participants will understand ways to save money and saving options  to save towards their goals. 

FUTURE WORKSHOPS:  To Your Credit—March; Your Own Home—April;

Financial Recovery—May; and Borrowing Basics—June

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