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Baltimore City considering $658 million TIF for Port Covington

Baltimore City to consider a $658.6 million TIF to help develop areas in and around Cherry Hill and Westport, as part of the Port Covington Project.

The project is the brainchild of UnderArmor CEO Kevin Plank, who plans to use the newly developed area as the central campus for his corporation. A consulting firm hired by the city to assess the project believes the development will create 23,000 new, permanent jobs, with roughly one-third of those going to Baltimore City residents.

But some elements of the project are concerning to us and our members at the AFT-Maryland, and members should look more closely to be assured that a few concerns in the project are addressed. Namely:

  1. City Infrastructure Impact: Will the large TIF/project negatively impact the city’s ability to contribute to its public schools, and other important city infrastructure components?
  2. Community Impact: Will the proposed development listen to the demands of the South Baltimore community, especially that significant attention be paid to create and maintain affordable housing in the area? And will a significant number of jobs that this project will create actually go to Baltimore City residents?

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