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Baltimore Teachers Union’s Response to Baltimore City School’s Refusal to Close Schools

Baltimore Teachers Union Response to BCPS Not Closing Early

“Baltimore City Public School’s decision not to close schools early today is quite distressing,” says President Marietta English. “Snow and ice are covering the roads making the commute our teachers, paraprofessionals and students must travel extremely dangerous.  Additionally, our students who walk to and from school will have to contend with traveling on icy sidewalks to get home.

In a letter sent to parents, BCPS explained that they have various departments, “check roads and outside conditions as well as monitor weather forecasts” in order to make a final decision about whether or not to close schools. Today’s storm quickly transitioned from sleet and ice to snow by 8am giving Baltimore City Schools ample time to have their various departments assess the situation and make the decision to close schools early in order to ensure that all teachers, paraprofessionals and students would be able to get home safely.

While we want students to be in school, it is important that safety is a major consideration. If the safety of Baltimore City teachers, paraprofessionals and students is of utmost importance, than the District must think and act logically, especially on days when inclement weather is imminent.”