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BR Elections for 2024-2025 School Year

BTU Building Representatives (PSRP and Teacher)

  • Each school/worksite can have a PSRP Building Rep (BR) and a Teacher Building Rep (BR) and an Alternate PSRP BR and an Alternate Teacher BR.
  • North Avenue worksites can have 5 Building Reps.
  • Having multiple BRs at each school/worksite provides extra leaders, communicators, problem solvers, and organizers at the school/worksite.
  • It is essential to maintain democratic and fair annual Building Representative elections. These guidelines are BTU’s standard to ensure they are carried out in a timely and consistent manner. Election Coordinator Will Be Your Worksite’s Field Staff.


  • By Wednesday May 8th BTU staff will email all dues paying BTU members in your building asking anyone who wants to run for Building Rep to email them back by close of business on Monday May 13th.
  • Members may nominate themselves or another BTU member in their building. BTU staff will follow up with anyone nominated by another member to see if they are willing to run.
  • Only dues-paying BTU members will be allowed to vote in the Building Rep election.
  • If there is only a single candidate running for each Building Rep position then they will become the Building Rep(s), and BTU staff will notify all members of the worksite who won the uncontested election (after confirming the uncontested candidate(s) accepts the position).
  • If there is more than a single candidate, our secure online voting platform Election Runner will send an email to your BCPSS email address with a personalized link to anonymously vote.
  • Your link from Election Runner will include your unique voting ID and password. This will ensure anonymity. Election Runner will only tell us that you voted, not who you voted for.
  • If there are multiple candidates, members will have between Wednesday May 15th – Tuesday May 21st to vote for the candidate of their choice. They will do so by following the instructions in the Election Runner email.
  • At the end of the voting period, the Election Runner software will tally up the votes and keep a record of the results.
  • The candidate with the most votes will become the Building Reps (PSRP and Teacher) for the next school year.
  • The candidate who wins the second most votes will be the alternate BR.
  • If there is a tie for the most votes, the vote will be decided by flipping a coin. BTU staff will host a private video session open to staff members to attend to witness the coin flip. This will be completed by Friday May 24th.
  • The Field Rep or BTU Staff will notify the newly elected Building Representatives by sending an email to them by close of business on Friday May 24th.
  • Newly elected BRs will indicate they are accepting the position by Friday May 31st.
  • BTU staff will notify all members of the worksite who won the Election Runner election
  • The new Building Reps will take office immediately after the last day of the school year.
  • The new Building Reps will be invited to the BR Retreat, which will be held virtually on Aug 14 and Aug 15, 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns about the election process, please reach out to