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BTU Safety Net

If You Are Involved In An Incident At School:
  1. Inform an administrator and Building Representative
  2. Complete a BTU School Safety Incident Report. You can get one from your Building Representative or at the Union office.
  3. Always fill out a Baltimore City Incident Report, and go to the City clinic if you are injured. You can obtain an incident report from the school secretary or your principal.
  4. If you are assaulted by a student (battery, robbery, etc.), call School Police and file a report.
  5. Report to BTU, in writing, any principal who attempts to stop the process.
  6. If you are accused of abuse, do not give any statements until you have spoken to a Field Representative.
  7. Forward a copy of the incident report to the BTU office.

Click here to complete the fillable BTU Safety Net School Safety Incident Report
Email the completed form to Cliff Denby at

We are also providing a link to Baltimore City Public School’s ACTEC Incident Report. You can get a copy of this document either here or from your school secretary. You will need to have this completed form with you for clinic visits.

Click here to download and/or complete the 
Baltimore City Public Schools ACTEC Incident Report