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BTU School Safety Taskforce Code of Conduct Recommendations

The Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU), hosted a press conference to shared the results of their recommendations for Baltimore City Public School’s Code of Conduct developed through the BTU School Safety Taskforce. The Taskforce was established in December 2018 by BTU President Marietta English after a succession of student assaults on Baltimore City Public School educators, school staff and students.

The recommendations are the result of six months of Taskforce meetings where members examined the Code of Conduct and developed new provisions aimed to help provide more protections for educators, school staff and students. In addition to the Code of Conduct, members also developed modules for community-wide training about the Code of Conduct, templates to improve School Culture and Climate for Pre-K through high school, and compiled a comprehensive list of stakeholders and programming that can be implemented on a community-wide level to assist within the school.

Results from the Taskforce meetings come from a community-wide effort of over 60 committed stakeholders that include representatives from Baltimore City Public Schools, School Police, the Mayor’s Office, City Council, State’s Attorney’s Office, Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association of Baltimore City (PSASA), City Union of Baltimore (CUB), the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME),  Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee (SECAC), Metro Baltimore AFL-CIO, along with community partners, parent groups, clergy, principals, teachers, PSRPs, school guidance counselors and psychologists, school staff and, most importantly, Baltimore City Public School students.

Click here to see the BTU School Safety Taskforce Recommendations to the Code of Conduct