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Join the BTU Car Caravan on 2/3/21

Thank you for your decision to commit and participate in the car caravan to emphasize our demands for a safe return to in-person schools to both City Schools and City Hall. We all benefit when we ride together!

Protect Students & Staff by Supporting Our Demands

0) Sign the Petition here
1) All staff have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated prior to returning to in-person learning
2) Ventilation upgrade work is completed before any students or staff are brought back into their facility
3) Minimum public health metrics must be met for at least a week (positivity rate and case rate) before expanding in person programming
4) A robust and proactive testing program for staff and students, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, before expanding in person programming.

Join the Movement. Follow the Route!

Plans for Participants
-Please read these guidelines so that we operate as a single body with a single purpose. We will drive by City Hall, honking our horns with a purpose, calling on the City to provide greater support to keep students and educators safe. We will then caravan to North Avenue, where we will continue to show our solidarity and convene in a parking lot prior to dispersing.
-Take direction from our bike marshals in safety vests.
-Follow the route of the lead vehicle.
-Drive with your hazard lights on so that all vehicles can keep sight of the route ahead, keeping 10 feet between cars.
-Follow traffic rules, including red lights and stops signs along the route unless otherwise directed.
If you get separated from the caravan, follow the route according to the map.
To join the BTU Caravan:
Meet at the Farmers Market parking lot under I-83 @ E. Saratoga St & Holliday St (near Ida B’s restaurant)
Picket Loop: City Hall to North Ave
South on Holiday St.
Left on E. Lexington St. (HONK!)
Right on N. Frederick St.
Right on Fayette St. (HONK by City Hall)
Right on N. Calvert St (1.4 miles)
Right on E. North Ave (HONK! @ BCPSS)
Left on Barclay St

Amplify Your Voice!

Our strength exists in our numbers. Amplify your voice, break the silence and break the Internet for safety on February 2, 2021 at 4PM. Join the chorus by using the hashtags #StillNotSafe and #MakeItMakeSense

For more info Reach Out to Zach Taylor at ztaylor at or Corey Gaber at cgaber at