2021 Public Official Contact List

Click the link below for our legislative directory or download it here. Contact local leadership to spur change.  [pdf-embedder url="https://baltimoreteachers.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2021-Public-Official-Contact-List.pdf" title="2021 Public Official Contact List"]… CONTINUE >>

Register for the March 7, 2022 General Membership Meeting

Register at: bit.ly/btugmm3 The March 7th General Membership Meeting will be a virtual webinar. Please register so your membership can be checked by Marisha Ingram, Membership… CONTINUE >>

Join the BTU Executive Board Meeting

This webinar will give members an opportunity to observe the BTU Executive Board Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of every month of the school year… CONTINUE >>

President Brown and Local Leaders Tell State Lawmakers What They Wants to See in the 2022 Legislative Session

"Baltimore residents and local officials told state lawmakers that they want to see legislation improving public transportation, education, public safety and decriminalizing drug use in… CONTINUE >>

‘If They Need Extra Help, Let’s Give It To Them’: City Schools Announce Changes After Teachers Express Feeling ‘Burnt Out’

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Teachers in Baltimore City have been telling the district they feel burnt out and now, changes are now being made to help alleviate… CONTINUE >>