GLSEN – Solidarity Week

Solidarity Week is a GLSEN student-powered campaign dedicated to building collective support for LGBTQ+ students and educators.  Join GLSEN in solidarity November 7th through 11th… CONTINUE >>

Student Names in Infinite Campus

Need support in adding student names to Infinite Campus? Support for educators is here: [pdf-embedder url="" title="Ensuring that the Student Preferred Name is Used for… CONTINUE >>

Experiences of Middle Eastern and North African LGBTQ+ Students

In GLSEN’s 20+ years of research, we have determined that schools are not safe or welcoming spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, who consistently face hostile school environments… CONTINUE >>

BTU LGBTQ Subcommittee

The BTU LGBTQ Subcommittee of the Civil, Human, and Women's Rights committee will meet on the third Thursdays of each month at 4:30PM. Contact for… CONTINUE >>

Changing students’ names in Infinite Campus

Looking for information on changing your students' names in Infinite Campus or "student fair practices" as they are referred to by City Schools?  Find those the… CONTINUE >>