Member Spotlight: Alisa Carter

Alisa Carter is a Student Wholeness Specialist at ConneXions, where she has returned for a second year. Prior to working at ConneXions, Ms. Carter worked… CONTINUE >>

Teacher Spotlight: Tamika Peters

Tamika Peters is a 3rd grade ELA teacher at Liberty Elementary School and the Academic Coordinator for Liberty’s OST program with ChildFirst Authority. She has… CONTINUE >>

Teacher Spotlight: Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor is a teacher who is currently on external assignment for BTU. Prior to this new role, he has taught social studies, English Language… CONTINUE >>

PSRP Spotlight: Deborah Knowles

Deborah Knowles is an office assistant at Patterson High School who also serves as the BTU Building Representative for Patterson’s PSRP members. Ms. Knowles has… CONTINUE >>

Teacher Spotlight: Samra Mekonen

[caption id="attachment_6592" align="alignleft" width="300"] Samra Mekonen[/caption] Samra Mekonen teaches 2nd grade ELA at KIPP Harmony Academy. This is her 5th year. Previously, she completed her… CONTINUE >>