Retiree Chapter

President: Velma Hicks,   CONTINUE >>

Retiree Health Insurance Information

BTU leadership conducted research to see if there was anything that could be done concerning the high cost of BTU retirees’ health plan.  What we… CONTINUE >>

BTU UPDATE #26: Updates and Opportunities

Dear Members, Staying informed is critical to staying safe, activating our rights, connecting with community and enriching ourselves, our families, our students and their families.… CONTINUE >>

PSRP Negotiations Have Started with BCPSS

The BTU Negotiations Team began collective bargaining for more protections and rights for our members. The PSRP Negotiations Team advoated for you on the first… CONTINUE >>

BTU UPDATE #25: Sign City Schools Students’ Petition

Dear Members, This week in Annapolis, the City's legislators are voting on a bill that would give the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners two… CONTINUE >>