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Changing the Game Documentary

Only 7 weeks left to Access Changing the Game!

Screening link expires June 30, 2022



Youth in Motion’s 2021-2022 collection featuring the Hulu original film Changing the Game is available for 7 more weeks. This riveting sports documentary by Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Michael Barnett brings to light the obstacles to inclusion faced by three transgender student- athletes, and follows each of their personal journeys in the fight for equity and equality in the arena of sport. Topics explored in the guide include the Sociology of SportIdentity and Non-Discrimination and Diversity of Activism.


Below you will find links to access the password-protected film screener and the discussion guide, which can be downloaded directly from our website. The film has a runtime of 88 minutes and the screening link below can be used for multiple views.


Changing the Game Youth in Motion Film Discussion Guide


Changing the Game Youth in Motion Screener


Password: changingthegame


If you have any trouble accessing the materials or have questions about the collection, please email


Youth in Motion hopes that together we can help change the game for LGBTQ+ youth by making schools, sports teams and communities safer and more inclusive for all. Stay tuned for more resources, activities and activations coming your way soon from Youth in Motion!


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