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Emergency Exec Board Meeting + COPE Committee Report

Dear Members:

In my President’s Report from 5/17 I committed to increasing member access to Executive Board meetings, particularly those that must occur virtually. Please read through that report for further information on Robert’s Rules of Order which govern the meeting as well as the relevant portions of the BTU Constitution that guarantee members rights to approved meeting minutes.

In addition to member feedback, on Monday 5/18 I received an official request from the BTU COPE Committee to hold an emergency Executive Board meeting in order to consider political
endorsement recommendations. I accept their request and have scheduled an Executive Board meeting for Thursday, 5/21, at 5pm. This meeting will take place over zoom, and will be livestreamed into the BTU Private Facebook group so that members can view the proceedings. I understand that not all members have Facebook accounts, and, given the urgency to make potential endorsements before people have voted this is the only way we can ensure access to verified members only in such a short turnaround. Please tune in!
In an effort to continue increasing transparency and member engagement, the BTU COPE Committee has prepared a thorough report for BTU membership. This report provides an update on the current status of the BTU COPE Committee as it moves through the official endorsement process. In it you will find a full timeline of events, actions and decisions made that have led up to the present moment. The report also provides the results of the 2020 BTU Primary Candidate Preference Poll, votes taken within committees, and the formal COPE endorsement recommendations themselves.

I’d like to thank the members of the COPE Committee who spent countless hours working to educate and engage members in the political process. If you would like to join the COPE committee or have any questions or concerns for them, please reach out at

In solidarity,

President Diamonté Brown