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Employee Transfer Process Now Open

This year’s Window of Mutual Consent* (or transfer window) is now open.  Transfer-eligible employees may begin submitting internal applications through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for positions they are interested in and eligible for.

If you are seeking a voluntary transfer, you must submit an internal application by April 21 and identify a new assignment by May 5 for consideration.  After May 5, any remaining surplus employees may continue seeking new positions through mutual consent until centralized placements are made by the Human Capital Office in June. Read more about this year’s employee transfer process and key dates for this staffing season.

*Window of Mutual Consent: Mutual consent is the term used when both the hiring manager and employee agree that an assignment is in both of their best interests. City Schools believes in staffing by mutual consent whenever possible, and in providing hiring managers and transfer-eligible staff members (i.e., voluntary transfers, surplus employees, and employees from closing school locations) with the opportunity to identify placements that are a good fit.