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Floating Holiday Schedule

By Tishea Lester, PSRP on external assignment for BTU

Do you know how floating holidays work? It’s ok if you don’t. Unfortunately, many of our Union members are unsure. My goal this year is to educate everyone so there won’t be any challenges with using your floating holidays.

PSRPs that are 12-month employees receive 7 floating holidays each year. The first year a PSRP works for the the district, the number of floating holidays changes according to when they were hired: 

  • Hired before school starts up to winter break or Dec 1st: Receive full 7 days
  • Hired after Dec 1st but before Spring break: Receive 3 days
  • Hired after Spring Break: 0 days

Floating holidays have to be used by June 30th and you have to keep your own record of how many days you have left once you use them. Floating holidays must be scheduled in advance.

During school year 2020-2021, I received an email a week before the end of the fiscal year from several PSRPs who were unable to use their floating holidays for the year. I was able to make arrangements to make sure the union members received their days. 

This year I will be educating all of the 12-month PSRPs I meet to let them know about all of their benefits and how to claim them in a timely manner. Please stay tuned to my monthly segments: “News You Can Use.”