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Former City Teacher creating exciting science games

The Baltimore Teachers Union is proudly partnering with former teacher, BTU Executive Board member and Building Representative Aryah Fradkin, to bring 5th-9th grade science teachers an exciting new opportunity to test classroom science games.

Fradkin is a co-founder of a company that uses games to teach students in the classroom. Unlike other game-based learning products, these games align to specific standards (like Common Core and NGSS) and curriculum areas, so that no matter where in the scope and sequence a teacher is, they have access to dozens of games on that specific topic. All the games are rated by teachers and come with tools for teachers to incorporate them into their class.

The prototype of this game was tried with 16 teachers across 7 states this past year and teachers absolutely loved it and gave it rave reviews.  In a controlled study, the creators were able to scientifically prove that when teachers incorporated the games into their classrooms for a whole unit, students did better on their tests.

What’s needed now is science teachers to try it out in their classrooms and help provide more feedback as the creators expand learning levels to include 5th-9th graders. This will help refine the product and provide Baltimore City teachers with the ability to shape the design and direction of the product. Beyond, the makers will forever be indebted to Baltimore City Science teachers.

The BTU is proud to support the innovative work of its teachers, past and present, and is pleased to provide this opportunity to our science teachers to have new resources for their classroom.

If you are interested, please contact Aryah at or 443-695-1761