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Get Involved in the Living Wage Campaign

AFT’s Personnel Program and Policy Council, Baltimore Teacher Union President Diamonté Brown and the PSRP Committee has identified the lack of a living wage for many of our members as a central issue for the constituency. PSRPs fix it. PSRPs cook it. PSRPs clean it. PSRPs file it. PSRPs teach it. PSRPs drive it and PSRPs deserve respect for your essential work.

All too often, PSRPs earn some of the lowest wages within the school system. We seek to address this inequity by working toward a living wage for our members.

A living wage is the annual income a person would need to earn in order to live comfortably in a given location. A living wage is calculated based on the specific costs of living in a city or county; things like housing costs, food, transportation, and insurance costs all play into the living wage calculation. A subsistence wage is how we are compensated now.

Don’t you want to thrive instead of simply survive? Filling out our survey is one of the first steps to thriving.

Following President Brown’s committee charges, the PSRP Committee is working to create a living wage for our chapter. Our committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Join the meeting.

Here are some immediate steps that you can take. 

  1. Fill out the survey at

     2. Email to join and get involved in the campaign! Fill out the survey at

     3. Explore the Living Wage FAQ here at