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GLSEN Rainbow Libraries

GLSEN’s Rainbow Library is an initiative that provides LGBTQ+ affirming text sets to schools — free of charge. Across 28 states and 3,600 schools, GLSEN has sent books that center the voices of queer authors of color and voices of trans and nonbinary authors. 


Too often, LGBTQ+ students visit their school library and will be unable to find something about themselves in the shelves of books. The Rainbow Library acts as a space for young people to see their lives reflected back to them, but also to see alternative possibilities for richer, happier, fuller lives. 


Each Rainbow Library set contains ten books aligned to one of four grade ranges: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. Every set contains one book that is either bilingual or entirely in Spanish. These books render LGBTQ+ lives in print, reflecting the feelings and fears of queer childhood in nuanced and meaningful ways. 


Through a love of books and shared reading, these libraries are encouraging inclusivity and representation. As a thank you for all the support they’ve seen the past year for the Rainbow Library, GLSEN is giving away four of their most popular books.


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