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Hotter temperatures a threat to students in schools with no air conditioning – USA Today

“Days into the school year, Amanda Turner and her students found the temperatures in her Baltimore classroom unbearable. 

The heat that week reached into the 80s and 90s. The air was thick as humidity set in after recent rainfall, Turner said. And there, in a windowless storage room-turned-classroom, Turner’s English as a Second Language students sat in a near “comatose” state, the teacher recalled.

The room didn’t have air conditioning. The students, Turner said, were constantly fanning and wiping themselves.

“It was really hot,” she said. “I took it (the lesson) slow and I retaught the information but I don’t think they were absorbing much, to be honest.”

As climate change becomes a more significant part of our reality, experts said the nation’s schools must do something about hotter classrooms, especially those without working cooling systems. In recent weeks, overheated schools across the country have sent students home early or canceled school days to help protect learners.”