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ISU Courses – Win!

BTU was sent multiple concerning communications that members had received from Human Capital with regards to AU processing for college courses, and specifically with the processing of college credits from Idaho State. Importantly, in response to BTU’s explicit questions, the district had thus far not stated that they were rejecting ISU college courses for AUs, but they were claiming to be doing an “investigation” and were being frustratingly vague.

At different times since we’ve had a new contract, the district has told BTU that there would be temporary pauses in AU processing due to the need to build out and put in place the new Professional and Advanced Professional pay scales (every summer there is a similar freeze in AU processing for about two months as the district processes new hires, etc). More recently, we had heard mixed communications regarding AU processing in general.

BTU shared with HC several concerning emails that some teachers had received from the district, and HC is now saying that they are “investigating” ISU courses and would respond with their position once they’ve made a determination. Immediately upon hearing this, BTU reiterated that our contract language is very clear (1 college course credit equals 1 AU), that ISU courses have been accepted in the past for both AUs and certification, that our contract contains no maximum on the number of AUs that can be submitted, that ISU courses are on the district’s own “approved AU courses” list which is hosted on their website, and so on. In response, the district reiterated that they are not taking any declarative action at this point, but that they’re concerned about individual members submitting a large amount of AUs, and that they would respond more once they’ve determined what, if anything, they plan to do. To which we reiterated the lack of a maximum cap, and that every year there are some teachers that submit many college course AUs. The difference this year is attributable to the district’s decision to decertify the AU/pathway system and the recent contract agreement that corrects some of the accumulated inequities in our prior pay system.

The district’s position was concerning and untenable. BTU engaged our lawyer, who sent a long information request to the district regarding what actions they have or have not taken.

The result of this request was successful and the DISTRICT CONFIRMED THAT AU PROCESSING FOR ISU COURSES WILL RESUME.