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Know Your Contract: The Sick Bank

Articles VIII.G (PSRP) and 15.4 (Teacher)

By BTU Field Rep Cynthia Sjoquist (inspired by Tishea Lester)

The Sick Bank is designed to provide temporary assistance to members in the event of unexpected illness. In the event of YOUR OWN long-term illness, you may apply to the Sick Bank. Each Sick Bank Application is a request for 10 days of sick leave time. You may get paid for up to 30 leave days from the Sick Bank during your absence. All bargaining unit members are eligible to enroll in the Sick Bank. 


The Sick Bank: Step-By-Step 

  1. Enroll in the Sick Bank at the beginning of the school year (or within 30 days of your date of hire). You MUST re-enroll in the Sick Bank every year. By enrolling, you consent to donate one sick day to the Sick Bank.
  2. Apply for FMLA (to protect your job) and use your own earned sick leave to cover your pay. 
  3. Once your own accrued sick leave is exhausted, contact Marisha Ingram,, for a Sick Bank application. You must use the approved form, submit a pay stub, and provide any medical documentation. Return. 
  4. The Sick Bank Committee will meet and approve or deny pending applications. The Sick Bank Committee meets every other Tuesday. Applications must be in by Monday to be considered. 
  5. If approved, you will be unpaid for 5 days, then the sick bank will kick in. 
  6. If your leave is longer than 10 days, you will submit a second application, but there will be no gap in pay.
  7. Get well! Rest easy, knowing your pay and benefits are unscathed! 



  1. Why did I only get half pay?

In order to access the Sick Bank, you must go 5 days without pay. This is for your first application only. Any additional leave requests will not require the 5 days of non-payment. 

  1. Why do I have to reapply every ten days?

The Sick Bank Committee determines the length of award. 

  1. Why did the Sick Bank Committee deny my application?

– Most denials are because the member is asking to apply to the Sick Bank for the care of a family member. It is important to note that the Sick Bank can only be accessed for YOUR OWN illness. 

– Another reason may be an incomplete application or lack of sufficient medical documentation. If this is the case, the Sick Bank Committee will either request more information or ask for a Medical Release Authorization to contact your doctors. 

  1. I thought I enrolled, but it didn’t go through! What can I do?

You can appeal to the Sick Bank for membership; however, you must provide documentation of your attempt to enroll or a valid reason you were unable to. 

  1. Can I use the Sick Bank for Intermittent Leave?

No. The Sick Bank can only be used for continuous absence.