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Know Your Contract -Transfers

Know Your Contract -Transfers

Articles 10 (Teacher Chapter) and XII.2 (PSRP Chapter)

By: Cynthia Sjoquist, BTU Field Representative

While the Voluntary Transfer Window is some ways away (late April), involuntary transfers (also called “being surplussed”) may happen throughout the year. Despite the Maryland State statute which grants the CEO the ultimate authority to assign and appoint based on the needs of the system, you do have rights! Here’s a look at your rights in both voluntary transfer and involuntary transfer situations

Voluntary Transfers

Who can apply:

  • Any PSRP who received a rating better than the lowest possible (developing or ineffective). 
  • Any tenured teacher who received a rating of developing or better. 
  • Any educator who has been surplussed or is at a closing school. 

What to expect: 

For both PSRP and Teacher Chapters there shall be a voluntary transfer process each year. 

  • The process happens during the “window of mutual consent”, a 60-day window that must end after May 1.
  • Educators can apply for voluntary transfer anytime during this window by electronic process. 
  • Educators who apply will be visible online to principals, have a list of vacancies and will be invited to the Transfer Fair. 
  • No transfer can be denied for reasons that are arbitrary, unreasonable, capricious, because of personal principal preference OR because an educator is in a “locked position”. 
  • If you apply for a transfer and do not find a good fit during the window of mutual consent, you will be assigned to a new school location. 

Involuntary Transfers 

Who Can be Transferred? 

Anyone. Seniority is not a factor. 

Why can someone be involuntarily transferred? 

  • Budget
  • Needs of the district
  • Principal discretion

What rights do we have?

PSRP Chapter members:

  • cannot be transferred without just cause 
  • are entitled to a meeting to discuss the cause 
  • can only be transferred once per year.

Teacher Chapter Members: 

  • cannot be transferred for reasons that are arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable
  • are entitled to ten days notice
  • are entitled to a meeting to discuss cause