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Leaves and Accommodations

On Jan 25th BTU Lawyer Keith Zimmerman and BTU Field Reps Chae Carriere, George Hendricks, and Cindy Sjoquist conducted a webinar “Accommodations and Leaves Info Clinic”. Please watch this video and slideshow to learn more about your options for applying for an accommodation or leave during COVID-19.



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Please contact your school’s BTU Field Rep to discuss your individual situation and figure out your best option.

If you are directed by the district to report to work in a school building or worksite, and you do not wish to, you have some additional options:

  • If you need to take leave due to COVID-19, there is Public Health Emergency Leave Form for these reasons: 
    • Employee’s Own Health Condition Related to COVID-19.
    • Employee Caring for an Individual with a Health Condition Related to COVID-19.
    • Child Care Need Related to COVID-19.


  • If you have a preexisting health condition that puts you at high risk for COVID-19, you can apply for an Accommodation Leave.
    • Choose “Alternate Work Location” if you want to work from home
    • You need to use your own leave time while waiting for your Accommodation request to be reviewed.

Click for BCPSS information on different types of Leaves.

Click for more information about COVID-19 Leave.

Click for more information about Accommodations.

Please contact your BTU Field Rep for assistance and questions.


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