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Maryland Fair Funding Coalition Fights for Kirwan Funding


The Maryland Fair Funding Coalition is comprised of over a dozen organizations who are committed to raising significant revenue for the Kirwan Commission policy recommendations without placing undue responsibility of a tax burden on working families. 

The Coalition believes that Maryland has an incredible opportunity to create the kind of education system our students deserve. Properly resourcing the services and supports Marylanders need – and deserve – is a universal priority that must be addressed. When all is said and done, we want not only new revenue but a system that’s transparent and fair to all taxpayers. Additionally, funds raised through increased revenue must be directed towards new investments in public programs that best serve Marylanders from cradle to career.

The coalition has publicly supported a legislative package that will immediately raise $1.4B in state revenue annually, close corporate loopholes, end unproductive tax credit, and modernize our tax system by ensuring everyone pays their #FairShare. 

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