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Member Shout-Outs (December 2020)

Shout-out to the entire BTU leadership board who are working endless hours to make sure that we’re represented, protected, and fairly compensated in this whirlwind of an academic year!

Samra is my co-teacher and I AM SO GRATEFUL for her! She is incredibly hard working and so genuine. Our kids are lucky to have her.

Shout-out to Mrs. Allison Weigel (KIPP Harmony) who cares so deeply about her students and is one of the best co-teachers I have ever had. Allison motivates us all to show up every day and give our kids 100% .

Shout-out to Janean Brown, speech therapist: Always willing to listen and give constructive feedback as well as multiple options for moving forward.

Shout-out to Patrice Pilgrim for stepping up to become a leader in a BIG way! Patrice’s tireless work as the Chair of the COVID-19 Task-force has been absolutely essential to our struggle for safe and equitable schools.

Shout-out to Franca Muller Paz: Even during the middle of her historic third-party run for City Council this year, Franca has still found time to be an awesome BTU building rep, a leader in the Digital Divide coalition, an active member of the BTU Organizing Committee, an adviser and mentor to the student organization SOMOS, and more. She is the total package!

Shout-out to James Torrence on being elected to City Council for the 7th District!