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Member shout outs! (Spring 2020)

In recognition of all the awesome members we have all over the district, we are publishing these member-submitted shout outs. This is going to become a regular recurring feature for the Baltimore Educator so please send your shout outs to

  • Ms. Ab at Connexions has kept students, families, and teachers updated with resources during this crisis. (From Melissa McDonald)
  • Lynn Wynn at Edgewood Elementary is a higher flyer as a para. She has been a para for over 30 yrs. She has been trained as a teacher, and she works like a teacher.
  • Kozbi Simmons at Patterson High School is a total rock star! (From Caroline Weiss and Alisha Marchewka)
  • Shout out to Lori Raxenberg, teacher and Ms. Luna, PSRP, my sons Pre-K team. They make him feel special and loved every day when he is away from home. They have nurtured him with just the right amount of care, learning and expectations. I have seen his personality blossom and can’t wait for his formal education to continue. (From Kelly Hope)
  • Shout out to Zach Taylor for keeping us all informed and sane. (From Ilena Lurie)
  • Shout out to Ms. Carter at Reach Partnership! (From Caroline Schmidt)
  • Shout out to all of the teachers and paras. we are all getting through a very challenging and difficult time. We are all missing our kids and trying to keep them sane. we are all outstanding! (From Leslie Kriewald)
  • Shout out to a couple of the best educators I know- teacher Darnise Mickey and PSRP Tamya Watson. They are leaders inside and outside of the classroom and definitely worthy of the spotlight. (From Fareeha Waheed)
  • Michael Donaldson can work with the most difficult of middle school classes to teach them and get them interested in reading! (From Jenny Green)
  • Shout out to Heather Osborne. She started a YouTube Channel called Books from the Basement. She reads her favorite books to kids. (From Susan Fuller Hughes Sarudy)
  • Dora Cooper continues to dedicated to the knowledge, health, and safety of students. She is the person people seek when in need of spiritual inspiration and real advice. Her smile brightens up your day! (From Keysha Goodwin)
  • Joshua Smith – PSRP – Student Wholeness Specialist at Moravia Park Elementary – for doing a daily puppet show about the Coronavirus and social-emotional learning! His puppets Gizmo, Jamal, and Commander Cluck are great characters!
  • Shout out to Mr. Terbeek @ KIPP Harmony! One of the greatest teachers I know. Also very committed to his colleagues while keeping us all very informed.
  • Shout out to Amanda Shipley at CNH. You are amazing and go above and beyond for the kids everyday. They and we are lucky to have you!
  • Shout out to Justin Garritt (KIPP Harmony) who always goes above and beyond for his students. He works hard to ensure students truly understand math. Plus, he is all around positive with colleagues.
  • Teresa Bruce does an amazing job with her students! She has worked effortlessly to create a classroom library that has motivated her students to pick up and read books! Ms. Bruce encourages her students to be active members of their community and to focus on giving back. She has incorporated the WE Schools program at her school which helps students to develop and implement advocacy projects to help empower others.
  • Shout out to Ms. Joyce Carpenter, a para-educator at Hamilton Elementary Middle School. She goes above and beyond for everybody at school. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.