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Member Shout-Outs

  • Shout-out to Robyn Richie! (English teacher at Forest Park High School)
  • Shout-out to all of the ESOL teachers and paras throughout the district who are going above and beyond! It’s a rough year. Know that you are appreciated!!!
  • Shout-out to Deborah Price, our music teacher, who wears so many different hats at GW. She brings joy and dedication to our school each and every day! We are so lucky to have her! <3
  • Shout-out to Cecil Elementary PSRPs for hosting schoolwide virtual contests for our students keeping our students engaged with school spirit!
  • Shout-out to Erika Robinson, who has the heart, patience, and content expertise every great teacher mentor needs. I would not be the educator I am without her!
  • Shout-out to Kelly Humble (Patterson High School) for her tireless support of so many teachers and students! She is a scheduling monster and a data queen and can always help you figure things out.
  • Shout-out to Karla Jackson! (City Springs Elementary/Middle School)
  • Shout-out to Chante Pierce, Kindergarten teacher at Henderson Hopkins Elementary! It’s because of her numerous years of experience, passion to see students thrive, ability to teach EVERY student, reach every parent in and outside the classroom combined with compassion, understanding and skill that I am who I am today! 
  • Shout-out to Nicholas McDaniels! (Mervo)
  • Shout out to Angela Brantley for her kindness, energy, and spirit! It is motivating to be around her!
  • Shout-out to Victoria Lyons!(Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School)