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Member Spotlight: Claudette Lake (PSRP)

Claudette Lake is the attendance monitor at Digital Harbor High School.

What are the challenges of being a building rep for the PSRPs at DHHS? How do you rise to those challenges?

I try to let them know that I’m here for them. I’ll be with them when they need me.

Tell us about your work with the DHHS staff and students.

I love working with the new teachers, giving smiles when the day has been hard. The students sometimes need a push to make it through the day.

What is your role at DHHS?

I’m the attendance monitor, working to better the attendance for the entire school.

What would you like to see BTU focus on in the future?

Raising the self-worth of all its members. PRSPs sometimes believe they’re not as important as the teachers, and that isn’t true.