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Memorandum of Understanding for Extended Days and/or Extended Year

This Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter the “MOU”) by and between the
Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners (hereinafter the “Board”), and The Baltimore Teachers Union, American Federation of Teachers, Local 340, AFL-CIO (hereinafter the “BTU”) shall amend the 2016-2019 collective bargaining agreement, all extensions thereof, and the successor collective bargaining agreement for the teacher bargaining unit and the 2017-2020 collective bargaining agreement for the paraprofessional and school related personnel (“PSRP”) bargaining unit (hereinafter the “Union Contracts”) between the Board and the BTU as it pertains to the length of the school year for teachers/related services bargaining unit members and PSRP bargaining unit members for the 2019-2020 school year dependent upon the terms described below for:

 Commodore John Rogers
 Elmer Henderson
 ACCE, Harford Heights, James McHenry, Mary Rodman
 Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys