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Model Cohort Registration

Model Registration for Cohort 16 is now open!  The Model process is different this year – more supportive, more guided, and more reflective.  Please see below for a graphical representation of the differences between this cohort and previous cohorts.

You must register in order to go through this year’s Model process.  To register, please complete this surveyThe registration survey will be open through September 27th.  Please feel free to share this link with others who are interested in the Model process.

If you know an outstanding educator whom you think should go through the Model process, please use this link to refer that person to us!  The JGP will follow up to encourage that person to go through the Model process and to answer any questions. 

For more information about the Model process, please click here.  (Please note, however, that the guidance materials on the website are in the process of being updated.  Once you register, you will receive all the most recent versions of the guidance materials.)  Please reach out to us at with any questions about this year’s Model cohort.  Thank you!