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New AU Activity For Teachers


An exciting new activity has been added to the AU menu that will empower young people to make decisions in their schools.  You can now be a Student Government Association Advisor and earn 5-6 AUs per school year for doing that meaningful work.  The Associated Student Congress of Baltimore City (ASCBC) is the student government program for Baltimore City Public Schools. ASCBC represents all of

Baltimore City Public Schools 80,000 students and is always sharing opportunities for schools and their student government associations (SGA’s) to get involved on the local and statewide level. ASCBC partners with MASC, the Maryland Association of Student Councils, to get our students to statewide SGA events and trainings throughout the school year. ASCBC SGA advisors are responsible for coordinating SGA activities in their school and ensuring student involvement in citywide and statewide SGA events throughout the school year.  

For more information, please reach out to our District SGA Advisor Sean Bailey at