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Over 3,000 members have engaged in our BTU private Facebook group, where folks connect to each other to discuss the information shared from the district and our own email blasts. We’ve also heard from some members that they do not have a Facebook account and do not want to create one, but still want a private member-only space to discuss relevant issues to our work and union.

In response to your needs we have created a BTU Forum, for members only on our website. In order to participate, click on this link or click on the “MEMBERS ONLY” tab of our website followed by the “FORUM” button.

There you will be asked to submit a personal email address and username, which we will use to check membership status before approving the request to join.

IMPORTANT: you must use a personal (non-bcpss) email address, and your full name as your username. This is what ensures that we can accurately check membership status, and it ensures accountability and transparency when posting on the actual forum. If you use a bcpss email address and/or a nickname or partial name we will not approve your request to join. We’ll be updating the forum with posts as news is shared via email blast and other channels, and you’ll also have the opportunity to start your own topics for discussion. The same rules developed for the Private FB Group will also apply on the BTU Forum. Please email Corey Gaber at with any questions.