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New Educator Guide

The BTU membership is made up of lifelong-learners who understand the importance of gaining new skills in an ever-shifting academic environment. We know that you strive to be the best and to be ahead of the curve as Baltimore is a city of firsts. The New Teachers Steering Committee, led by Melissa McDonald and Geralda Thompson, spent countless hours listening to new educators, then curating the following resources to ensure that the school year feels less daunting. There is a resource below for everyone. The New Educator Steering Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of every month at 4:30 p.m to identify concerns of new teachers and implement organizing solutions to address those concerns. When you are ready to get involved, email 

2021-2022 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation – Annual Evaluation Overview

2021-2022 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation – Reweighting Performance Components

2021-2022 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation – Year at a Glance

People to Know – Support Contacts

BCPS – English for Speakers of Other Languages

BTU Performance Evaluations by Job Title

New Educator Cheat Sheet – Education Acronyms

New Educator Cheat Sheet – Classroom Procedures Checklist

SLO -Student Learning Objectives Overview

Nearpod Tutorial

DIBELS for New Teachers

Urban Classroom Management

First Week of School for New Teachers

AU and Tuition Reimbursement

Contractual Deadlines

Instructional Framework Rubric Shifts in the City Schools

Instructional Framework Rubric

AU Handbook

Step by Step Instructions for Certification Requests

BTU Instructional Toolbox SpEd

Teacher Career Pathways Primer