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New York Times article on union basher Rick Berman getting called out

Ms. English Comments on this here: Long time lobbyist and anti-union activist Richard Berman has put his foot in his mouth, and this time is was caught on tape. A recent New York Times piece highlights a speech he made where he admits “I get up every morning and try to figure out how to screw with labor unions.”

Berman produced a viral videos featuring children as union leaders to suggest union elections aren’t serious. Now that he has been exposed as someone who’s sole purpose is to manipulate public opinion against unions and progressive causes we must continue to shame he and people like him. AFT-Maryland President Marietta English has called Berman “the type of divisive figure that brings out the worst in American politics and is one of the reasons so many people don’t appreciate the valuable contributions labor unions make to American life.”

To fight back against characters like Richard Berman, our first step is turning out in large numbers on election day. Make a plan to vote for you and your household. Once you’ve done that make sure neighbors and loved ones who are eligible vote. These steps will allow us to Reclaim the Promise.