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Notice Concerning Settlement of May 1, 2014 Class Action Grievance Over AUs and New Rule Regarding Timeline for Submitting Course Work for AU Credit

The Baltimore Teachers Union and the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners entered into a Settlement Agreement concerning the May 1, 2014 Class Action Grievance that the Union filed. The grievance concerned AUs and the school system setting a May 1, 2014 deadline for submission of coursework taken between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2013.   The school system denied AUs to individuals who submitted their coursework after May 1, 2014. When the Union initially filed the grievance, it had the names of eleven people who had complained that they were affected by the May 1st deadline. The Settlement Agreement covers approximately 140 present and former members of the Teacher bargaining unit affected by the deadline. More than 1,100 AUs will be awarded under the Settlement Agreement.

The Union is in the process of notifying all individuals that were either members of the class covered by the Settlement Agreement or had applied to be included in the class covered by the Settlement Agreement.

As part of the settlement of the grievance, the Union and the Board agreed that from December 20, 2016 going forward, all Teacher bargaining unit members who seek AU credit for coursework must submit proof of the coursework (transcripts) to BCPSS within ninety (90) calendar days of receiving a grade. Failure to submit proof of coursework within ninety (90) calendar days will be considered a waiver of any AU credit that would have resulted from the coursework.

Please contact your Field Representative for questions and concerns regarding this information.