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Pension Information for PSRPs

PSRPs, are you enrolled in the right pension? Some members of the PSRP bargaining unit are in jobs that qualify them for enrollment in the Maryland State Retirement System (MSRS). Those who are not eligible for the MSRS should be enrolled in the Baltimore City Employees’ Retirement System, also known as the City Pension. The dividing line between who should and should not be in the MSRS is not always clear. However, classroom Paraeducators should be enrolled in the MSRS. In most instances, those who work outside of the classroom should be enrolled in the City Pension, but there are exceptions. The different pensions require different levels of employee contributions and provide different benefits upon retirement.

The BTU has learned that some PSRPs may be enrolled in the wrong pension. In some instances, PSRPs who should have been enrolled in the MSRS, were enrolled in the City Pension instead, have been required to make significant late contributions to the MSRS before they can retire under that system.

The BTU is working toward a solution to this problem, but first we need to identify those PSRPs who are affected. Please follow the following steps to find out which system in which you are enrolled:

1. Click here to log into Employee Self Service
2. Log in
3. Click on Employee Self-service
4. On the drop-down menu, click Total Compensation Statement
5. On the next screen click Continue which you will find on the bottom right of the screen
6. When the statement appears, look under Plan Name to locate the retirement system in which you are enrolled. The statement reflects Your Contribution and City Schools’ Contribution.

If you are unsure which system you are enrolled, please call the BTU (410) 358- 6600 to speak with Sandra Davis or Cindy Sjoquist, they will be able to assist you with how to locate the information. We look forward to speaking with you.