People to Know

People to Know SY 2022-2023

As a new educator, it is important to know who to reach out to for support.  If you need assistance for issues not listed below, feel free to reach out to the New Educator Steering Committee for guidance.

Issue/ Need

Who to Contact



ADA Accommodations

Jane Ehrenfeld and Frank Lucas 

Email with questions about EEO Compliance, and ADA Accommodations

AU Courses

Fareeha Waheed in the JGP 

Fareeha can provide the AU course menu

AU course approval and ERP Employee Profile

Fareeha Waheed in the JGP

William Marcus 

Fareeha reviews courses of AU eligibility.  Will updates the ERP, and handles compensation related issues.

BTU Buddy Program

Geralda Thompson and Candace Fryer and 

Reach out to Geralda and Candace if you want to be matched with a BTU Buddy for additional  support.

BTU Committees

There are multiple BTU committees for you to join!

Check out the committee list, which includes email contacts.

Please feel free to join a committee and get involved!

BTU Newsletter

Mike Pesa   

Contact Mike if you want to publish an article in the BTU Newsletter

Board Commissioners 

Johnette Richardson, Board Chair

Ronald S. McFadden, Board Vice Chair

Linda Chinnia, Commissioner 

Michelle Harris Bondima, Commissioner

Durryle Brooks, Commissioner 

Ateira Griffin, Commissioner

Vernon A. Reid, Jr., Commissioner 

Shantell L. Roberts, Commissioner

Robert Salley, Commissioner

Ezra Horwitz, Student Commissioner 

Reach out to the Board to let them know what it’s like to work for City Schools! Share your scholar stories, your admin wins, and/or join us in member-led presentations

Career Pathways

Kimberly Hescox Mooney in the JGP and 



Human Capital, your field representative, and the BTU Certification Taskforce

Sharlimar Douglass can provide support for teachers with conditional certificates.  Specific questions may need to be answered by certification analysts- for those questions email Human Capital.  

For all certification questions, be sure to cc human capital- the district has committed to answering these emails within 10 days.  You can cc the BTU taskforce ( ), who will monitor the timeline of the response and  escalate questions if necessary.  Keep your field rep in-the-know.

Certification requests must be made through ESS.


Tiffany Adams 

Tiffany handles all CPD inquiries.

ELL / ESOL Questions

Maria Reamore 

Questions regarding English learners and the ESOL program may be directed to your school’s lead ESOL teacher, your school’s assigned ESOL Educational Associate, and/or the ESOL Coordinator for City Schools, Maria Reamore.

Information Technology


If you need IT support, be sure to open a “heat” ticket. 


The Office of Human Capital- Leaves Management

Your Field Representative- To find your field rep, here is a school assignment list and the contract information.

Submit forms to Leaves Management. 

Your Field Representative can answer leave questions and handle issues.  

New Educators

Jessica Harris, Patrice Pilgrim, Melissa McDonald, Emmanuel Barnes, and Shaunte Mosley,,, and 

Jessica, Patrice, Melissa, Emmanuel, and Shaunte provide support through the BTU New Educator Steering Committee.


The payroll contact at your school (ask your school secretary who the payroll contact is),  

If you have any questions about your paycheck, first, contact your Payroll Contact at your school. 

Salary review

The Office of Human Capital, Will Marcus, and Zelda Johnson,, and  

Contact the Office of Human Capital and cc Will Marcus and Zelda Johnson.  Include your Field Rep in the communication.

School-based support

The first people to contact at your individual schools are your New Teacher Mentors and your BTU Building Representative.  

If your school does not have a BR, reach out to your BTU Field Representative.

Ask your school-based staff for the contact information for your New Teacher Mentor and BTU BR.  To find your field rep, here is a school assignment list and the contact information.

Your site-based New Teacher Mentors and BRs are available for support.  If for some reason your school does not have a BR, reach out to your school’s Field Rep.


First, reach out to the SLO Ambassador at your individual school.  

If there is no SLO Ambassador at your school, reach out to Sarah Sechrist. 

Each school should have a SLO Ambassador who can provide support and guidance.  If not, reach out to the district Evaluation & SLO specialist.

Staff Transfers

Sarah Diehl  


Sustainability Resources

Each school should have a Green Team, which supports district greening efforts.  Reach out to your Green Team Leader and if your school does not have one, contact Joanna Pi-Sunyer, the Sustainability Analyst.


Tuition Reimbursement

Isa Winder