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President Brown’s Formal Letter Requesting Public Board Work Session on Unannounced Formal Observations

At the July 23rd School Board Meeting, the First Reader of Policy GCO was the focus of a substantial segment of the evening. Our presentation established that over 99% of the 518 teachers surveyed by the BTU opposed the use of unannounced informal observations.

Teachers and the Union presented testimony and research, and asked the Board Commissioners a number of questions about how this policy will be implemented fairly and how it will meet its stated outcomes. Those questions were not answered in that meeting, and our membership has, to this point, not received communication from the Board regarding those answers.

President Brown sent this letter on behalf of the Baltimore Teachers Union to formally request that the Board schedule a Public Board Work Session, before the August 27th vote, to continue discussing this controversial matter.

Click here to read President Brown’s letter in its entirety.