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PSRP Negotiations Update #2 8/31/22

PSRP Negotiations Updates

Tentative Agreement* (TA) Highlights 8/31/22

*Tentative Agreements (TAs) are topics on which negotiations have concluded, but these changes will not become part of the PSRP contract until they are voted on and approved by the membership. 


Currently, the PSRP Contract does not have definitions but the teachers contract does. Definitions will be added to Article I as ‘C’. 

Article XII Personnel Practices A.5 Use as Substitute Teachers

This article has new language explaining the time frame for when the per diem substitute schedule will be available each academic year. The substitute schedule for short and long term will be provided on or before the first day of school and the district will notify the union of all changes. Also, this article explicitly states paraprofessionals are paid for both short and long term. 

PSRP Contract Extension

It is agreed by and between the Board and the BTU that the terms of the PSRP Agreement between the parties shall remain in full force and effect until such time as negotiation and ratification of a successor agreement have been completed. 


The BTU negotiation team is fiercely fighting with the Board to get the raises our chapter members deserve! We will fight to get the raises retroactive to July 1, 2022. 

To read about other PSRP Tentative Agreements that have been previously shared, please visit the BTU Website: