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PSRP Negotiations Have Started with BCPSS

The BTU Negotiations Team began collective bargaining for more protections and rights for our members. The PSRP Negotiations Team advoated for you on the first negotiation session on Feb 9, 2022.

The BTU has 20 member-experts and BTU staff on the PSRP Bargaining Team. Members of the team are secretaries, bus aides, Executive Board Members, Paraeducators, Special Education Paraeductors, Employee Engagement Associates etc. President Brown serves as the chief negotiator.

BTU put across 5 “Me Too” proposals that were added to the teacher contract in the last contract negotiation. We reached agreement with BCPSS and the district signed Tentative Agreements (TAs) that will be added to the contract upon ratification from members. We reached agreement on Sections :

VIII.A. Bereavement Leave
VIII.S. Bifurcation of FMLA Bonding Leave
XII.A.17 Right to Representation
XII.A.18 Negative Comments
XII.A.19 Individualized Lactation