Despite the changes and challenges specific to this school year, every provision of the PSRP Contract and Teacher Contract remains in effect during the 21-22 school year. Contract violations can be reported using this online form or by contacting your Field Representative. 

While we are still enforcing the regular Teacher and PSRP Contracts, they do not cover many of the unforeseen circumstances brought on by the pandemic and the safety protocols necessary to ensure safe working and learning conditions. The BTU negotiating team engaged in more than two dozen days of negotiations to secure protections in the Memorandum Of Understanding (“MOU”) below that includes several important protections for teachers working in-person and remotely.

The agreement BTU made with the district ensures that:

1. Every school and worksite MUST follow the District’s Health and Safety Guidelines published by the district. If they are not following the Health and Safety Guidelines at your school, we can grieve it.

2. The district will provide sufficient soap and running water, and where running water and soap aren’t available, they will provide hand sanitizer in schools.

3. The district will follow the ventilation and air exchange rate guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air Conditioning Engineers. Building ventilation systems will be monitored for proper operation during weekly walkthroughs. Any spaces that do not meet CDC and ASHRAE guidance will not be utilized and will have signage posted at each room entry indicating that the room should not be used for in-person instruction.

4. The board shall notify the BTU President within 24 hours of any positive test result of a student or staff member who was physically present in a school or worksite.

5. If the Board or CEO determines that an entire school must be temporarily closed for COVID-19 related reasons, all school staff will be notified electronically and/or in writing as soon as possible, of the closure, the reasons for the closure, the expected duration of the closure (if known) and the plan for continuation of instruction for the period of the closure.

6. If a Teacher or PSRP tests positive, and their class or close contacts are sent home, all staff who are a part of the COVID-positive staff member’s close contacts, including Special Educators, RSPs, ESOL Teachers, and PSRPs will be notified in writing of the fact that someone in their cohort/close contacts tested positive, the fact that the cohort and close contacts were sent home, the duration of the isolation period, and what action other staff members should take as a result of the notification.

You can read the full text of the agreement below.