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Resolution To Demand Action

Authors: BTU Executive Board

February 11, 2021

WHEREAS: The Baltimore Teachers Union holds the position that buildings are still not safe. 

WHEREAS: Baltimore City Public Schools officials continue to push plans that force Teachers, PSRPs, Related Service Providers, School Nurses and Staff into spaces they feel are not properly ventilated. 

WHEREAS: After the District’s chosen filters and air purifiers are installed, they do not address Air Changes per Hour, a crucial aspect of healthy ventilation not addressed by filters and purifiers. 

WHEREAS: In aging schools and district facilities as well as in our 21st century buildings, windows remain sealed not allowing classrooms or work spaces to vent air as specified by Dr. Karen B. Salmon or CDC recommendations. 

WHEREAS: The inability to monitor humidity and CO2 levels creates a lapse of compliance in line with ASHRAE guidance for reopening of schools and universities . 

WHEREAS: Teachers, PSRPs, Related Service Providers, School Nurses and Staff lack confidence in complete and equitable distribution of proper PPE. 

BE IT RESOLVED THAT. BTU publicly demand the following: 

1. BTU be given access to every location the district claims is ready for in person learning prior to allowing teachers and PSRPs back in that particular space; to assess the space has in fact received required upgrades and is safe to the best of our knowledge. 

2. BTU be given the opportunity to re-check and deem unsafe any space previously checked and deemed safe; for any reason including but not limited to improper ventilation, improper filter maintenance, improper spacing etc.

3. BTU be given daily updates on spaces deemed not to be safe. 

4. BCPSS commits to regular meetings about PPE distribution, access, and supply; as well as filter maintenance and general safety quality concerns.