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In just 1 week, BTU supporters collected over 4000 signatures that agree, with 7,000 Baltimore Teachers Union rank and file members, that in-person learning should be expanded ONLY WHEN IT’S SAFE. When we look honestly at the new virus variant, the abysmal pace of ventilation upgrades, and the State’s chaotic vaccine rollout, we know that it is #STILLNOTSAFE
To ensure the safety of staff, students, families, and the community at large, we are petitioning education leaders across the state, such as Mayor Brandon Scott and City Schools CEO, with a petition demanding that the district follow a comprehensive and common-sense reopening plan that includes the following:
  1. City Schools staff are FULLY VACCINATED before returning to their facility (both doses and waiting period to reach full efficacy).
  2. VENTILATION UPGRADE WORK IS COMPLETED before any students or staff are brought back into their facility.
  3. MINIMUM PUBLIC HEALTH METRICS MUST BE MET for at least a week (positivity rate and case rate) before expanding in person programming.
  4. A robust, reliable and PROACTIVE TESTING PROGRAM FOR STAFF AND STUDENTS, BOTH SYMPTOMATIC AND ASYMPTOMATIC, before expanding in person programming.
*Supporters of Safer Schools names will appear. However we will protect your contact information. Email addresses and phone numbers will not be shared with other signers and will only be used to send updates about this effort and opportunities for further engagement.
The Baltimore Teachers Union believes in-person learning should be expanded only when it’s safe. We define safety based on the health metrics put forward by the CDC and the state. Baltimore City currently remains in the highest risk of introduction and transmission of COVID-19 in schools category, and far beyond City Schools’ own decision-making tree category of “limited or no in-person programs.” The vast majority of facilities have not been adequately equipped with ventilation upgrades needed, and staff have not been fully vaccinated.

City Schools’ current plan of setting an arbitrary reopening date regardless of the public health data and preparedness of our facilities is an irresponsible decision that will jeopardize human life, in particular the lives of our Black and Brown students who disproportionately live in intergenerational homes. Students cannot learn when they, their educators and their families are sick or worse. Students cannot return to pre-pandemic high quality in-person learning if we extend the grip of the pandemic by reopening before it’s safe.