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SpecialtyCare Connect: Healthcare Benefits for BTU Members

The health and well-being of our union members is very important to us. We know that there are often many hardships that come with getting sick or hurt. One thing you shouldnt have to worry about is finding the right doctor to provide the right care. We are very happy to announce that, as a Baltimore Teachers Union member, you and your family now have access toSpecialtyCare Connect, a service that does all the work for you when it comes to finding the right doctor.

SpecialtyCare Connectis a service you can use when you or your family member receives a diagnosis that requires care by a medical specialist. This can be anything from a knee injury to cancer. You may also choose to use the service to find a specialist for a second opinion. The process is very easy, confidential and is available at no cost to you. You simply request a specialist through their online form or call the SpecialtyCare Consultants. Once you let SpecialtyCare Connect know what kind of doctor you need, they will find you at least three who have been extensively screened to ensure they are experts in your condition, take your insurance and have appointment availability. You then decide which doctor to see.

Learn more about SpecialtyCare Connect and enroll for the benefitby clicking here​. When enrolling you will need to enter theBTU registration code: 417125.