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SY21-22 Guidelines for BTU Teacher Building Representatives to Receive AUs

Using some combination of the following activities, BRs must attain at least 80 points in order to receive the AUs. Note that the only required activity is attendance at the BR monthly meetings, every other activity is optional and can be combined in any way to reach 80 points.

  • Attend 6 BTU BR Meetings (required) 20 pts
  • Address the staff at faculty meetings 20 pts
  • Attend the BR Retreat or make-up retreat 20 pts
  • Conduct at least six Union Chapter Committee (UCC) meetings 20 pts
  • Attend at least 6 Field Rep monthly meetings 20 pts
  • Maintain a physical BTU bulletin board or monthly staff newsletter 20 pts
  • Complete staff information sheet 20 pts