Member Spotlight: Terri Lee

Photo of PSRP Member Spotlight Terri Lee
Terri Lee is a Special Education paraeducator and BTU Building Representative at Dickey Hill Elementary, where she has worked for 14 years. Prior to that,… CONTINUE >>

The latest issue of the Baltimore Educator is now online! (Vol. 2, Issue 4: October-December 2021)

The new issue of the Baltimore Educator, BTU’s magazine/newsletter, is now available online! You can also read and share individual articles from this issue on the BTU… CONTINUE >>

PSRP Update (September 2021)

Last month, President Brown sent the district a formal letter that requested dates for the wage reopener on the PSRP Contract. She is currently waiting… CONTINUE >>

Floating Holiday Schedule

By Tishea Lester, PSRP on external assignment for BTU Do you know how floating holidays work? It’s ok if you don’t. Unfortunately, many of our… CONTINUE >>

Member Spotlight: Jen Lozier

Jen Lozier is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School, where she has worked for the past 6 years of her 10 year… CONTINUE >>