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Teacher Spotlight: Danielle DeCostanza

Danielle DeCostanza teaches 2nd grade ELA at KIPP Harmony, where she has worked for the past three years.

What motivates you as a teacher?

My kids and coworkers, I honestly could not have asked for a better team and family to be a part of. My kids always want to learn new things and their love of reading makes teaching them that much more enjoyable! I also work with amazing educators that are constantly striving to be the best versions of themselves. Seeing this daily motivates me to be the best teacher I could possibly be.


What have you been doing to support your students and your coworkers during this challenging time?

As soon as I heard we would be out of school for two weeks, I immediately started making videos for my kids to watch online that went along with their learning packets. I wanted to make sure my parents and students had the support they needed to be successful and passed the videos along to my co-teachers to share with their students. I also posted read alouds of books that had become top picks in our class to keep our school family strong. It was something the kids and I would look forward to.


In your opinion, what role should BTU be playing as we transition to distance learning?

I honestly think the BTU has done an amazing job at keeping everyone informed and also promoting conversation about distance learning and what it should like for us as educators. You guys have done an amazing job at answering our questions, supporting us through this transition, and giving members a place to not only share concerns but also ideas for things that have worked well for other members.


What is your favorite thing about being a BTU member?

I really appreciate the sense of community that the BTU brings. I feel as though I have a group of people to turn to for help and support, especially in times when I need it the most. I am really thankful to be a member.